Chickens & Gardens


So the next problem was how to feed this beautiful wheat grass that was growing.  I tried putting the basket on the ground but they just stepped on it and it scared them, plus the basket got really dirty. 

The feeder attached to the inside of the wall.
They all come running!
I have a dutch door on the coop so if I don’t want to let them out I simply reach in and drop the basket into the feeder.
The sprouts are pulled out roots and all and the basket is clean when they have finished
A couple of shots from the outside
I took the angle from the side of the basket and used that angle for the bottom of my feeder.  I wanted the basket to fig snugly enough not to rattle around as they were pulling the grass and roots out.

The other problem with putting the baskets directly on the ground was the roots.  The roots are almost as long as the tops and I didn’t like they idea of laying them on the coop floor and covering them with dust and poop.  That was when I came up with the idea of making something that could be hung on the wall

My first two attempts.