Chickens & Gardens


All summer long I had plenty of greens for the chickens.  But with the winter months upon us the supply has dwindled and not only do they miss it but I will be spending more on feed.  Years ago when we had a cow I used to sprout big trays of wheat for her during the dry months so I decided to try it for the chickens.

On the third day I pour the rinsed wheat into my trays and start another jar.

but gradually moved to bigger pieces to let more light in.

Each day i put the new sprouts on the bottom and use the sprouts on the top.

As the days got colder the wheat was slower to grow so I bumped it to 12 days meaning 12 trays.

At first I tried feeding straight out of the trays but realized it would be a lot more labor intensive trying to keep the trays clean.  Also it was easily knocked over when they tried climbing on it and it spooked them and the sprouts went flying.

I am doing this in my unheated green house and set up water on a timer to go off for a minute or two three times a day

I began out using little sticks between the trays,

So I changed to a heavy shallow clay pot and even if they climb on the sides of it they do not knock it over.

So far I am only using 1/3 cup of wheat a day.  I soak it for 24 hours in a jar in the house then the next day I put it in a bigger jar with a screen on top and rinse it and drain it a few times a day while I start another jar soaking. 

They go crazy when they see me coming with the sprouts!  They absolutely LOVE them!